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School of the Humanities and Social Sciences


The Council of the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

2021 - 2022

Chair: Professor Tim Harper

Deputy Head: Dr Kristine Black-Hawkins

Institution Name
Faculty of Economics Prof Leonardo Felli
Faculty of Education Prof Susan Robertson
Faculty of History Prof Alexandra Walsham
Faculty of Law Prof Mark Elliot
Department of Land Economy Prof David Howarth
HSPS (Social Sciences) Dr Manali Desai
HSPS (POLIS) Prof Jude Browne
HSPS  (Archaeology) Dr Tamsin O'Connell
HSPS (Anthropology) Dr Sian Lazar
HPS Prof Tim Lewens
UG Student Representative Abiola Ogbara
PG Student Representative Aditya Manubarwala
Secretary of the School Julian Evans
Assistant Secretary of the School Isobel Humphrey
School Finance Manager Beverley Housden