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School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Great St Mary's Church

Academic Career Pathways (Research and Teaching) Scheme

The purpose of the Academic Career Pathways (ACP) scheme is to recognise and reward outstanding contributions and celebrate academic achievement through promotion and/or pay progression. 

Assessment is based on contributions in: research and research leadership; teaching and/or researcher development; and service to the University and to the academic community more broadly.

The scheme will allow eligible academic staff to apply for promotion to the offices of:

  • Professor (Grade 12 - unchanged)

  • Professor (Grade 11 - previously Reader)

  • Associate Professor (Grade 10 - previously University Senior Lecturer)

Local Indicators of Excellence

Local exemplar Indicators of Excellence have been approved by the Council of the School, further to the approval of the Report of the General Board on arrangements for the implementation of the Academic Career Pathways scheme

Any local Indicators of Excellence are in addition to the more generic Indicators of Excellence at University level set out in the ACP Guidance. 

Institution-specific guidance also sets out expectations for promotion and progression, including the expectations with regard to the balance between teaching and/or researcher development.

The ACP Guidance is published on the University HR Webpages.  This Guidance provides full details of the Assessment Criteria for promotion to Professor, Professor (Grade 11) and Associate Professor (Grade 10) and the generic examples of Indicators of Excellence and impact.

Local Indicators of Excellence


The School ACP Committee

The following people have been approved as the School's ACP Committee.

Committee Position



Christopher Kelly – Classics (subject to General Board approval)

Head of School

Tim Harper – History

Committee Member

Pauline Rose – Education

Committee Member

David Runciman – POLIS

Committee Member

Jennifer Gabrys – Sociology

Committee Member

Oliver Linton - Economics

External Member

Emily Jackson – Professor of Medical Law, London School of Economics (subject to General Board approval)