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School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

J M Keynes Fellowship Fund


In January 2010 the University established the J M Keynes Fellowships Fund, the income of which is to be used to support Fellows undertaking research in the areas of finance, financial institutions, financial markets, and their relationship with microeconomic behaviour and macro-economic performance, including public policy issues relating to financial markets, and, for encouraging collaboration between cognate Faculties and Departments.

The Fellowship

The holders of Fellowships are to be drawn from a wide range of experience and expertise, encompassing both researchers of exceptional promise and established scholars in order to create an exciting and dynamic Fellowship.

The duties of a Fellow will be to further interdisciplinary research and study in the general area of financial economics, on the basis of a proposal approved by the Managers at the time of election. A Fellow will give an annual lecture on her or his work during the tenure of the Fellowship and shall submit an annual report to the Managers on their activities. The Fellowship will be tenable for up to five years, but to be reviewed after three years, and will not be renewable thereafter.

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